Functional Medicine is rapidly gaining popularity and more and more people want to experience the benefits.  Just like we all need traditional medicine, especially for acute illnesses, functional medicine is necessary to determine the root cause of chronic illness.  It is not about whether  functional medicine or traditional medicine is better; both equally serve critical needs.

Case in point: If you suffer a heart attack you need immediate cardiac intervention. There is no time to run complicated tests. That’s where traditional medicine shines.

Yet, if you look at this from a preventive point of view, knowing the patient’s story, their life and lifestyle combined with an advanced functional medicine evaluation, you can create a personalized wellness protocol that can decrease the risk of heart disease tremendously.

Most primary care practitioners and specialists don’t enough time to truly identify other hidden sources of cardiac risk besides smoking, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

This is true because most office visits today last from 5-8 minutes. There is often little time to discuss important factors such as stress, nutrition, exercise, vitamins and other lifestyle dangers.

And, on top of this, patients are demanding better care – they want to create longer term relationships with their health care providers, and they’re willing to pay for that.

So, it makes sense to augment your traditional medical offering with functional medicine, both for the patient and you. Below is an example of functional medicine in practice.

A Traditional Medical Appoinment

Your appointment is scheduled for 10 am in the morning. You arrive late to the office because of travels. You do not have a copy of your labs you just performed and have no idea how to interpret them.

You get to see you doctor 15-20 minutes late and he or she has not yet reviewed your records fully (this shaves off even more valuable time from your physician patient relationship). Since there is such little time, the doctor treating you that day has less time available for a physical exam and cannot talk to you where to go from here and even takes out his/her prescription pad and quickly writing for a medication. This often happens without the patient playing an active role in their “disease”.

You then decide it is time to invest in yourself as you cannot continue to suffer any longer and want answers from someone who can give them to you.

A Functional Medicine Appointment

You have your functional medicine evaluation. You have submitted all your symptoms prior to your first evaluation. You have undergone foundational functional medicine testing prior to your consultation to establish a baseline.

During your visit you sit comfortably in your home or office with your doctor appearing in front of you on the computer screen or mobile device. Your functional medicine physician has reviewed all your records, knows your symptoms and has your results available from the foundational testing which have been reviewed.

You have on average a 30-60 minute consultation weekly if needed.

You have established a baseline and have discovered the root cause(s) of your symptoms, why you feel tired, burned out, why your stomach and digestion does not feel the way it should and/or how to lose at least 20-30 lbs.

The Difference Between Functional Medicine & Traditional Medicine

During my years of mentoring and teaching nurse practitioners and physician assistants initially many of them had never heard of functional medicine before. Yet, after shadowing me and learning some of the tricks of the trade, augmenting their skills while practicing good and safe medicine, many became intrigued and wondered where they could undergo training.

This was but one of many reasons why The KADAN Institute came to fruition. Helping and mentoring the ones who provide the help for our patients while working with patients directly.  

Nowadays, more and more traditionally trained physicians as well as extenders want to explore what it means to practice medicine, to teach and educate their patients on their conditions, how to improve them and even prevent them.

Reach out today, augment your skills, help your patients lead healthier lives and in return help yourself to enjoy a healthy work-life balance the way it was intended. It is possible through functional medicine. You can learn this on your own time and this is taught 100% online.

Learn More About Functional Medicine

If you’d like to know more about Functional Medicine and how it can be implemented in your practice, schedule a 15-Minute Phone Consultation with the KADAN Institute team.