Functional medicine is becoming more and more accepted by health care practitioners and patients alike. I was fortunate to grow up in Germany around one of the leading functional medicine clinics in all of Europe.

I witnessed first-hand the power of thoroughly listening to patients, performing comprehensive intake evaluations and following up with a combination of traditional labs and advanced functional lab testing. This approach resulted in a thorough diagnosis of the root cause(s) that contributed to patient’s symptoms.

When I then came to the United States in the mid 1990s, it was my desire to practice medicine the way it was intended. But first I had to learn traditional medicine to build solid clinical foundation.

Fortunately, i trained at the world-famous Mayo Clinic where I learned the concept of “the patient comes first”. This was solidified by years of directly collaborating with a plethora of Mayo physicians.

What followed was profound training in functional medicine. I completed nearly every major functional medicine training program that existed. No matter the scenario, once functional medicine principles where implemented, my patients started to feel better, their lab results improved, and often patients improved in situations where the traditional approach failed.

Doctor means teacher and throughout my career aside from having done (I just re-calculated this the other day) nearly 40,000 patient encounters, I also enjoyed teaching medical students, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Soon I realized the potential for true healing that’s possible if more health-care practitioners not only know about functional medicine but, more importantly, can practice it.

This is why I founded the KADAN Institute. Teaching students, health-care practitioners and continuing to work with clients one on one or in group settings is my life’s work.

Medicine is enduring paradigm shift. Clients demand personalized care for both chronic illness and overall wellness.

When we see a client at the KADAN Institute we make sure their story is fully heard. Often this is first time they are given the time, despite having been to multiple physicians.

Through listening, through detailed lab analysis and testing, personalized well-formulated wellness protocols are implemented. Clients are monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure therapeutic milestones are achieved.

We combine traditional labs such as complete blood counts, comprehensive metabolic panels to assess liver and kidney function, complete thyroid analysis, lipid panels, vitamin D levels and more with functional medicine labs including saliva, serum, stool and urinary.

This leads to better understanding of hormones, nutritional analysis, vitamin, mineral markers, food sensitivities, hidden infections or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) for example.

The outcomes are nothing short of remarkable.

Functional medicine is right for you if you are a:

  • Patient who wants to get to the root cause of symptoms or wants prevent certain conditions
  • A health care practitioner who wants to learn how to apply functional medicine in clinical practice
  • A school (medical school, nursing school, nurse practitioner school, physician assistant school) who wants to add functional medicine to the curriculum
  • An organization or business that wants to improve employee productivity, energy and general well-being

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s chat. I am opening up my schedule this week, and I’d love to speak with you.

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Want To Learn More About Functional Medicine

So that you may learn these skills here at the KADAN Institute we have developed our own training program courses which helps you to successfully acquire these skills.. We have two courses, the KADAN Institute  The Art Of Functional Medicine and the Foundational Gut Course. These are effective starting points.

In addition, I also recommend the Institute For Functional Medicine’s curriculum to get even more of the academic understanding and science behind functional medicine.

In addition, after completion of our courses, we also offer potential ongoing monthly mentoring as you get started with your own clients.

Schedule A Time To Speak With Us Today About Functional Medicine And You.