Having been diagnosed with SIBO can be a blessing. More than 20 million people are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and 60% of patients with IBS are thought to have underlying SIBO as a possible contributing reason for their symptoms.

Either you were able to get tested by ordering your test online, or you were fortunate to work with a health-care practitioner who is well-versed in SIBO testing like our practitioners at KADAN Institute.

Once you know for sure whether or not you have hydrogen or methane predominant SIBO it is critical that you get treated correctly. Often this entails deciding whether or not you wish to use pharmaceutical antibiotics or herbal antibiotics or combination of both.

It is also absolutely critical that you always address all potential contributing causes of SIBO with your health-care practitioner. If you do not do this, it is highly likely that you symptoms could recur and that you could relapse. In fact this is so common when I speak to some clients they mention they had not yet figured out what some of their contributing causes where.

So get tested, and if positive then consider working with us here at KADAN.

As part of our SIBO SUCCESS SYSTEM we utilize lifestyle changes in addition to dietary recommendations along with possible use of pharmaceutical antibiotics or herbal antibiotics.