Do you have pre-diabetes? Have you been told you are headed towards full-blown diabetes? Are you getting obscure advice from your doctor to “exercise more and lose weight”? Or worse, are you not getting any help at all?

Perhaps someone in your family or someone you know suffered from severe complications of diabetes such as nerve pain, vision changes or even heart related concerns.

Were you surprised to hear that your doctor is concerned about you becoming a diabetic?

You are not alone.

Millions of people have diabetes. However, even more people have pre-diabetes.

Believe it or not this is good news.

You can turn around pre-diabetes and avoid years of unnecessary complications.

People like you crave sugar or salt throughout the day. You feel tired, less energized and suffer from irregular blood glucose levels.

Are Drugs The Answer?

You know deep in your heart this is not true.

You wonder how you got to the point of being a pre-diabetic. You know that diet has something to do with it.

But, so does stress. It is often unrecognized by health-care practitioners and seldom discussed.

More than a few physicians simply say, I know why you feel tired, are urinating frequently, are thirsty all the time and getting recurrent infections. You are pre-diabetic and well on your way of becoming a full-blown diabetic. There is nothing you can do to prevent this if nothing changes.

Fortunately, there is metformin which you must take once or twice daily and this will help you control your pre-diabetes or diabetes.


Testing Is Easy & Convenient

Fortunately, functional medicine principles can be applied to easily to find out why YOU developed pre-diabetes and what you can do about it.

It starts by understanding your journey. What has contributed to your elevated numbers aside from diet? You need to know why it is important that you avoid becoming a full-blown diabetic. Only functional physicians take the time to properly evaluate these issues and be your advocate (yes, this exists!)

There are many reasons why you are a pre-diabetic. Perhaps you have hormonal imbalances or are currently taking medications that raise your blood glucose. Maybe you want to change your diet but just don’t know what to do and need guidance and reassurance.

One of my patients was told to avoid carbohydrates (bad for diabetes), fat (bad for heart) and protein (bad for kidneys) by three of his physicians. He didn’t know what to eat!

Fortunately, he found a physician who also understands and has training in nutrition.

Now the great news. We personalize a series of tests to meet your specific need. All the testing is performed in the comfort of your own home and results are returned quickly. These tests may include serum, urine, stool and saliva.

The outcomes are nothing short of remarkable!

Pre-diabetes is right for you as a patient if you:

  • Have been officially diagnosed by a physician
  • Want to get to the root cause of your symptoms or want to know how to overcome and improve your blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Are a patient who suffers from fatigue and low energy and know your blood sugar and insulin levels or other hormones are off but normal non-functional medicine tests are negative
  • Know or suspect your blood sugar levels are imbalanced and you are simply not yourself
  • Want to lower your risk of heart disease
  • Want to lose at least 20-30 pounds