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Jen Mons

Jen Mons

Holistic Health Coach - Founder of Jen Mons Coaching and Jennifer L Mons LLC.

Jen Mons is a Holistic Health Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Detox Specialist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She works with clients to create a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle. Jen establishes healthy relationships between an embodied healing self with physical, emotional, and mental well-being. She has a clear understanding of how to encourage healing in the body with nutrition, emotional empowerment, inner peace, and a healthy mindset. She is skilled at transforming limiting beliefs into healthy lifestyle habits and positive results. Her clients experience results like optimal health, greater energy and self-confidence. She helps them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and teaches ways to reduce overwhelm, self-doubt and stress.

Jen is a former Professional Mechanical Engineer, USN reservist and USCG licensed officer. Her own life- threatening health challenges led her down a path of holistic healing in 2006. After several years of studying holistic wellness and nutrition, she attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and then furthered her studies at the International School of Detoxification. She is certified under the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. After learning that health and wellness are not just about food, she became a RYT Yoga teacher. This training deepened her knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, personal growth, and life coaching. Today, she combines her certified training and life experience to serve her client’s with customized care. She uses her professional skills to create a structured system that provides optimal health results with heart centered support and guidance.

Jen lives in Atlantic Beach Florida with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys surfing, sailing, yoga, dance, travel, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Laura Lackey

Laura Lackey

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Laura Lakey is an experienced nurse practitioner who is passionate about partnering with individuals to determine the root cause of chronic medical conditions.  Laura believes in utilizing a personalized, comprehensive approach to help individuals move beyond symptomatic management and return to their optimal state of health.

Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Florida and then earned her Masters of Science in Nursing degree from Jacksonville University.  She received her Family Medicine Training at Mayo Clinic and has extensive training in Functional Medicine through the KADAN Institute.

Laura is happily married with 3 children, ages 24, 23 ad 16.  She enjoys practicing yoga, traveling with her husband, hiking, and listening to acoustic music.  She hopes to one day thru-hike the John Muir Trail and is currently planning a trip to Italy.

Laura knows what truly leads of positive health outcomes, and it isn’t the typical rushed 15 minute office visit.  It’s how well we connect with the person we are trying to help.  It’s how well we listen and understand the underlying concerns.  It’s how willing we are to adopt creative treatment solutions.  Laura wants to hear your story and partner with you to achieve your optimal state of health.

Sylvia Ratliff

Sylvia Ratliff

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Sylvia Ratliff has been a nurse since 1990 and a nurse practitioner since 2002. Sylvia’s nursing background is in emergency medicine and medivac, both in the civilian and military (army) world. Sylvia enjoys the fast paced, quick results kind of an adrenaline filled life.   Over the years she noticed the same people using the emergency room for issues that they could have avoided if they had the education to take better care of themselves. This is what motivated her to become a nurse practitioner so she could make a difference, educate people and keep people out of the ER.

As a nurse practitioner, she has been able to follow patients over the course of years, educate them and their families, some over several generations, on how to care for themselves, prevent illnesses and injuries, and recover quickly when ill or injured. Sylvia sees this as a very rewarding experience. Functional medicine has been like icing on the cake because it takes everything she sees as important in wellness one step further with individualized testing and recommendations to naturally heal and stay well.

Sylvia’s passion and focus is in the area of weight, pre-diabetes and intestinal issues. She continues to be amazed at how well our bodies are able to heal themselves as we pay attention to them and care for them once we find out how they have been neglected or injured.

Sandie Jiminez

Sandie Jiminez

Kadan Team Wellness Coordinator

Living naturally as expressed in diet and health turned into a way of life for me. About 6 years ago, I was experiencing sleeplessness, extreme anxiety, severe depression and battling one cold after another due to a compromised immune system. I like many others had been exposed to the benefits of eating healthier, but had not taken that definitive plunge with a total transition. Combating health issues was a constant battle and I had learned over time that eating healthy would eliminate many of my issues. This was the added push I needed, so I started eating more organic and raw foods while eliminating processed foods from my diet. Nutrient based foods were working to replace what was previously given through pills. It was effective but added measures were needed. I began adding natural herbs to food and drink and potently felt the effects of these combined restorative measures. Unfortunately I still felt stress tensing through my body. Day after day, I still found myself unhappy, depressed, and unfulfilled. Stress is the culprit for many health issues and diseases for many people. In my case it contributed to more instances of being sick with a cold, infections and, or other minor ailments. I was working in corporate America and spending my days in a cubicle or closed office that was a powder keg where insurmountable stress was compiling daily for an explosive resurgence of my health issues.
I wanted to live a more purposeful life, so I began to think about the changes I needed to make to lend me contentment, balance, and good health in every measure. No more living on pins and needles! Change takes time, dedication, and commitment. Education is key to embarking on a nature filled health and wellness state of being. It should be the natural recourse, but unfortunately our society is processed based and driven.

I started studying planetary herbology because I have experienced the benefits of herbal medicine and I have the desire to inform others how they have a choice on obtaining better health without synthetic medication.

As the Wellness Coordinator for the Kadan team, we will work with you to design a program that is right for you, answer your questions, support you along the way and teach you strategies for long-term success! All you need to do is call.

"Functional Medicine is changing the healthcare industry while simultaneously improving patient outcomes."


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