Do you feel as if you are living your life out of balance? Does your doctor tell you that everything is normal, yet you know your body and believe your hormones may be the culprit?

You are right! And you are not alone.

People just like you experience frustrating mood and energy swings. They crave sugar or salt all day. They feel tired and less energized. Women suffer from irregular or painful periods and men have low libido or erectile dysfunction.

The fact is hormone imbalances affect both women and men.

Fatigue As A Symptom Of Hormonal Imbalance – What About The Gut?

Maybe feel “tired but wired”. You drink coffee in the morning just to wake up and drink alcohol (usually wine) at night to relax and wind down.

The problem is that our hormones should be secreted based on natural regular occurring rhythms. But, due to our busy lives, our rhythms are irregular, so our hormones are secreted unevenly.

When we are young we have the energy to overcome these imbalances. But time and age eventually take their toll and we feel the effects of burnout.

You have mental and physical fatigue and wonder why you are no longer as resilient and full of energy as you used to be. The first natural statement that comes to mind is “my hormones must be off”. You are probably right.

In fact, there are four very common hormonal imbalances:

  • Stress
  • Sugar (including insulin)
  • Thyroid
  • Sex

Each needs to be properly evaluated within the context of YOUR circumstances before potential treatment can be initiated.

One secret unknown to many people is that the digestive system plays a critical role in hormone function. So, it’s important to evaluate gut health while diagnosing hormone issues. Your symptoms just might be gut related (hint: often they are)

Testing Is Easy And Convenient

There are a few specialized options to test for hormonal imbalances. Fortunately, these tests can be performed from the comfort of your own home and turnaround is quick. These tests may include serum, urine, stool or salivary testing.

The outcomes are nothing short of remarkable once these test results are placed in the context of each person’s individual story.

Hormone evaluation is right for you as a patient if you:

  • Suffer from suspected hormonal imbalance and your health care providers have no answers
  • Are a patient who wants to get to the root cause of your symptoms or want to overcome your hormonal issues
  • If you are a patient who suffers from fatigue and low energy and suspects your hormones are off but normal non-functional medical tests are negative
  • If you know or suspect your hormones are imbalanced and simply are not yourself