Proper gut health is the foundation of your health and well-being.


Trillions of bacteria live within the human gut. This sounds alarming, but without the actions of these dynamic microbes, countless critical functions of health go undone.


Responsible for the intake and absorption of fluids and nutrients, the gut is the first location of total health formation, sustenance, and protection. Food is processed and vitamins are synthesized by the actions of bacteria lining the surface of the digestive tract.

However, the role of the gut goes far beyond food absorption. We now know the gut is also the frontline defense against disease. In fact, research shows that 60% to 80% of the human immune system resides within the gut.

the immune system

An effective gut-centered immune system relies on maintaining the proper balance of both beneficial and disease-promoting bacteria. Modern living complete with overly processed food is not conducive to a well-balanced gut microbiome. When this balance is disturbed, as it often is, the result is physiological decline or disease.

Poor gut health has been linked to a myriad of conditions including: stress, hormone imbalances, IBS, diabetes, mood disorders and even cancer.

the gut communicates

90% of serotonin production, a neurotransmitter responsible for stress management, occurs within the gut. Because the gut is in constant communication with the brain, its health profoundly impacts the physiology of both mental and bodily wellbeing.

And yet despite cutting-edge research, modern day conventional medicine largely ignores the importance of gut health. This is where functional medicine comes in.

Disease starts in the gut.

If you have suffered from chronic health conditions with little relief, it is time to stop masking symptoms. More often than not, an imbalanced gut microbiome is one of the underlying causes.

Healing also starts in the gut.

To tackle the microbial disparity affecting your health and quality of life, partner with a clinician who is dedicated to a holistic care approach. A functional medicine practitioner whose patient-centered philosophy seeks to understand your specific physiology is best suited to meet your needs.


Every human being possesses their own unique blend of approximately 160 different species of bacteria. A Functional Medicine clinician, trained in gut health, commits to discovering your exclusive path to optimal wellness.

As you work together to create a diet of foods that are friendly to the beneficial bacteria in your gut, you will experience a healed gut capable of positively communicating with every organ system in your body. Healing your gut is the most beneficial approach to whole body health available.

laying the foundation

A thorough understanding of gut health is the foundation for all our team members. Restorative and long-lasting, a nourishing approach to gut health promotes the kind of healing that most patients thought they’d never experience ever again.

addressing the diet

Inundated with patients experiencing chronic autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, mental health deficiencies, or digestive issues, functional medicine clinicians are particularly positioned to address the diet and microbial imbalances contributing to disease.

educating patients

Prior to joining us at the KADAN Institute, most of our patients felt frustrated due the failure of conventional medicine to address the underlying cause of their many health and wellness problems. Yet they are frequently amazed at how quickly their symptoms can resolve once they’ve gone through a comprehensive gut health evaluation and education.

providing relief

Raising gut health awareness with our patients is vital to healing their symptoms. Because digestive health is so often the root cause of disease, treating the gut microbiome produces astonishing relief for our patients. This builds the trust-based partnership necessary for a long-term commitment to health.

designing a plan

Wellness is an inside out approach.  Patients need education on how chronic stress, hormones, diet and inflammation effect gut health. Addressing gut health is of primary importance to both the building of your practice and to the wellbeing of your patients.


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