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The Top 100 Gut Recovery Foods. 
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Dr. Daniel Kessler
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There’s a war taking place in your gut. It's between good bacteria and bad bacteria. The right nutrition is your ally in winning this war.

Arm yourself with the right knowledge about nutrition and you will defeat the underlying issues that actually cause stomach discomfort.

Fortifying yourself with proper nutrition not only improves gut health but provides all the extra benefits of eating well.

Add these foods to your diet and start reaping the health benefits now!

I know you understand the value of professional service and actively search for the best.

Our providers are all highly trained and credentialed doctors who specialize in root cause discovery, commonly known as Functional Medicine. 

We use highly sensitive diagnostic tests that most practitioners avoid and offer high value, intensive, treatment plans that are far more encompassing than the average doctors visit. 
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Here are some of the things you’re going to discover inside this useful guide:
  • The vegetable that is a natural diuretic and can magically help lower blood pressure
  •  Why avocados don’t just taste great, they also help your blood sugar levels
  •  Bad mood? Did you know that some meats are a great source of B12? B12 is the vitamin that makes you happy!
  •  The food that can actually help improve your sex life!
  •  The common fruit that is an antioxidant powerhouse when it comes to scavenging free radicals
  •  And much, much more!
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