There are two things that are very frustrating when it comes to SIBO.

First, SIBO symptoms are often very similar to various health conditions. It is very important to work with a health-care practitioner who is familiar with SIBO and who all recognizes the SIBO symptoms and understands how to evaluate the gut appropriately.

Often, various solutions are offered without seeing the trees in the forest and going after the obvious. Few practitioners are actually trained in recognizing SIBO and to think about actually testing for it.

Secondly, because many practitioners are not trained in recognizing the symptoms of SIBO and/or are not trained in the tests how to evaluate someone for SIBO, this also adds to the frustration. Often health-care practitioners also do not believe the client is actually suffering from certain symptoms because all the lab work comes back normal and the practitioners are unable to offer practical solutions.

If you have been suffering from symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, cramnping, diarrhea and or constipation as well as suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, muscle pain that can not be explained in any other way, then SIBO could be contributing to these symptoms.

Please make sure to reach out to our practitioners here are the KADAN Institute. Not only are our practitioners trained in recognizing the symptoms of SIBO but they are also trained in evaluating and interpreting the breath tests to tell you whether or not you are truly suffering from SIBO and what you can do about it.

Bottom line, get tested thoroughly and correctly and find out quickly if SIBO is part of your answer you have been looking for so long.