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7 Little-Known Tips To Help You Conceive 

If you’re trying to conceive, you’ve probably found an overwhelming amount of information to help you boost your fertility. Most of it is great advice, but after a few articles, you’ve probably noticed the same standard tips: maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, lay off the booze, quit smoking and stay positive. 

But did you know that your chances of getting pregnant can also be affected by more obscure things? There are little-known variables that can dramatically increase your chances of conceiving– things you wouldn’t normally consider. 

Ready to find out? Here are 7 strange tips to help you conceive:

1. Put away the lubricants

While there’s conflicting evidence, a number of studies have found that vaginal lubricants can lower your chances of getting pregnant. They can damage sperm and hinder their ability to travel to the uterus to fertilize an egg. So if you’re trying to conceive, stay away from lubricants for a while. 

However, if intercourse is painful or uncomfortable without added moisture, small amounts of natural lubricants like mineral oil or coconut oil can help.

2. Keep Your Exercise Low Key 

Everyone knows that exercise is crucial for optimal health. It’s well-known to boost your immunity, aid digestion, strengthen your cardiovascular system and reproductive health. However, it’s possible to overdo a good thing. Extreme levels of exercise can make it harder to get pregnant.

A large Danish study published in 2012 found that normal-weight women who did strenuous workouts(such as sprinting, kickboxing, or fast cycling) for 5 or more hours per week experienced a delayed pregnancy. The researchers also discovered that women who kept healthy with low-key exercise (brisk walking or leisurely swimming) had a slightly better chance of getting pregnant.

Seek balance and moderation. Mix up your workout routine with cardio and light weights, yoga, and Pilates-type workouts. And don’t forget recovery days– give yourself a day off to replenish and heal.

3. Get Your Zzzz’s In Complete Darkness

More and more research is telling us that our devices are doing damage to our health. Artificial light from our phones, laptops, smart home devices and even the bathroom light can mess with your fertility. 

Women have a hormone that protects the eggs from stress, called melatonin, which is produced when the environment is dark. According to a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center, women need at least 8 hours of total darkness at night if they want to get pregnant. So turn off your phone and tv, slip on an eye mask and enjoy some peaceful sleep in the dark.

4. Walkin’ On Sunshine

It’s official! The sun is good for pregnancy. A 2015 Belgian study discovered that sunshine can have a significant positive effect on women’s fertility. For one month, researchers kept track of the weather before women in the study tried to conceive. And something incredible happened! Their chances of becoming pregnant increased from 14% to a whopping 19% when they got more sun. 

Scientists think this boost happens because the sunshine increases melatonin and Vitamin D, which helps to develop healthier eggs.

5. Get In Touch With Your Inner-Yogini

Although we’ve mentioned the benefits of low-key exercise, yoga, in particular, helps to increase your fertility levels because it reduces stress. Stress is one of the most devastating by-products of modern life and it negatively impacts your fertility. 

According to a Harvard study, more than 50% of women using fertility treatments alongside a 10-week mind-body course had a successful pregnancy. Look for relaxation yoga, flow yoga or balance yoga instead of hot or Hatha varieties.

6. Stick A Pin In It

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that’s been used to treat fertility issues for thousands of years. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it can improve ovarian and follicular function which increases the chance for pregnancy. 

Acupuncture involves putting tiny, (almost) painless needles into specific meridian or pressure points on the body that correlate with certain organs and body systems. Stimulating these trigger points increases blood circulation and energy, which can balance health issues, including infertility.

7. Track Your Menstrual Cycle The Right Way

Tracking your cycle can be confusing and many women miss the most fertile part of their cycles unknowingly. There’s a specific way to track your cycle so your egg is ready to be fertilized. 

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7 Little-Known Tips To Help You Conceive

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